Some designers modify our pots to make them works of art

Rēclaim & Rēwild

Ensemble de petits pots en décoration
Deux jarres beiges de dimensions moyennes
Ensemble de pots de décoration sur une étagère
Photo d'Alicia de la compagnie Réclaim & Réwild


Alicia launched her sourcing and design studio, Rēclaim & Rēwild , in 2020.

Her love and natural instinct in finding and collecting unique vessels, sculptures and art objects started young, as did her creative design skills. When she's not sourcing, collaborating with artists or building installations, she's restoring and redesigning vintage vessels. 

His aesthetic has always been inspired by ancient, raw and natural settings. Global influences such as Tunisia, Bali, Mexico, Tulum, Greece, Italy, California and Japan are found in both her creative approach and her reproductions. 

Her work can be seen in collaborations with high-end restaurateurs, real estate agents and interior designers. From large-scale installations to finishing touches, she brings a special one-of-a-kind elevation to each job.

She currently lives in the beach and wine country called Prince Edward County (just outside of Toronto); where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


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