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Décor Artisanal Tunisien is a company of importation of hand made Tunisian pottery. The terracotta pottery that we wish to make you benefit from is inspired by a rich history and realized by experienced craftsmen and overflowing with creativity. We offer a wide choice of jars and pots for the decoration of gardens, verandas and balconies. By choosing Tunisian Handicraft Decor, you support the maintenance of know-how for unique, authentic, better quality and durable products. 

Ensemble de jarres et pots vendus par décor artisanal tunisien

Our largest models in our collection, measuring between 70 cm and 120 cm in height, are entirely handmade and require a rare know-how.

Jars, these ancient food containers for storing and preserving harvests of wheat, lentils, dates and olive oil, have long found their place either inside or outside homes. Often associated with the Roman and even Punic era, they bring a note of softness and warmth to our decorations and ambiances.

Gros modèles de jarres qui vont bien à l'extérieur

Terracotta pot, specifications and advantages:

Trois jarres de couleurs beiges de différents formats

Glazed ceramic pot:

Pot en céramique de couleur bleu pâle décoré par un artiste

From a handcrafted production in Nabeul, Tunisia, where the art of pottery is deeply rooted in tradition and is still part of daily life. Offering tones and patterns inspired by the Mediterranean style with a wide selection of color and size.


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